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Located in the beautiful, historic village of St. Jacobs, Spoil the Dog Bakery believes serving our pets tasty, healthy, human-grade treats.  Our biscuits are simple with limited ingredients to cater to pets with allergies.


Established in 2005, our mission is to make the most nutritious, tastiest, hypoallergenic, wheat-free treats. Each biscuit is handmade using only fresh, all-natural market ingredients. We do not add salt, sugar, corn, soy or any preservatives to our products.


Our ingredients are extensively researched and weighed for their health benefits. For example, many of our treats use chickpea flour because it is high in protein, dietary fiber and calcium, and low in saturated fats. Our latest organic, grain-free biscuit is handmade with organic coconut flour and we're having a difficult time keeping it on the shelves!


Health Benefits: Our Ingredients 




In today's world, so much of what is on the market for animals is chemically enhanced. At Spoil the Dog Bakery, we use only the freshest market products and purchase organic whenever possible. 




Soy, wheat and corn can be hard for some dogs to digest, and many dogs are allergic.


OATS Contain complex carbohydrates,  B vitamins, fibre, phosphorous, iron, calcium and selenium.


GINGER Natural anti-inflammantory may offer relief from inflamed joints due to arthritis. 


PARSLEY Source of flavonoids, antioxidants, vitamins, lycopene and carotenes. Natural breath freshener.


PUMPKIN Good for both diarrhea and constipation, canned pumpkin (not raw, not the sugary, spicy pie filling) is loaded with fiber and beta-carotene, which the body converts to vitamin A. A teaspoon or two a day is sufficient.


TURMERIC A powerful antioxidant that may slow down aging, degeneration and potentially increase lifespan. Can help treat gastrointestinal disorders and help relieve arthritic pain.


COCONUT May help fight viruses and boost immune system. Coconut albumin may help in formation of red blood cells and may help clear up skin conditions, flea allergies and itchy skin. 


CAROB Unlike chocolate, which is toxic to dogs, carob is caffeine-free. It contains protein, fibre, vitamin B1, niacin, vitamin A, vitamin B2, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and the trace minerals iron, manganese, chromium, copper, and nickel. 


CHICKPEA FLOUR A good source of potassium, phosphorous, iron, folate, copper, magnesium, and rich in unsaturated fatty acids. Also high in calcium, dietary fibre, and low in saturated fat.


CINNAMON Anti-inflammatory, may help with arthritis. May boost energy, help circulation and improve health and function. 



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